Thoroughly Modern Productions presents the Broadway musical and 80’s rock tribute, “Rock of Ages,” for The Tower Theatre LIVE Series. Set in L.A.’s infamous Sunset Strip in 1987, “Rock of Ages” tells the story of Drew, a boy from South Detroit and Sherrie, a small-town girl, both in L.A. to chase their dreams of making it big and falling in love.

We’re returning to a time of jukebox heroes, to a place where every rose has its thorn, and to people never stop believing. Prepare to hear an electrifying mix of your favorite rock anthems, including: “Nothin’ But A Good Time”, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “We Built This City”, and “Here I Go Again”, to name a few!

Here is our rockin’ cast characters:

Drew – Erik J. McGinnis
Sherrie – Clairen Stone
Lonny – Dan Schimmoller
Dennis Dupree – Ryan Klontz
Justice – Kimmie Neff
Stacee Jaxx – Dakota B. Weeda
Regina – Kara Davison
Hertz – John Henry Helms III
Franz – Randy Brooks

Hailey Calkins, Carley Epple, Cloiemadison Glenn, Natalie Manz, Keely Wirtz, Harlan Daniels, Corey McEuin, Charlie Thiel.

This show is nothing but a good time, and will leave you rocking Bend like a Towering hurricane! Tickets are on sale at or by calling (541) 317-0700. Rock on!

David DaCosta │ 63595 Boyd Acres Rd. Bend, OR 97701 │ │ 541-678-0313

David DaCosta 541-678-0313
63595 Boyd Acres Rd. Bend, OR 97701