TMP Parents FAQs

Q: What should my child bring?

 A: Following is a list of essentials. Other items will be requested as necessary.

  • Backpack
  • 3-ring binder and notebook paper with writing instrument
  • Water bottle and snack
  • Jazz shoes
  • Enthusiasm

Q: What is the dress code?

 A: Your child should dress appropriately to move and dance, with jazz shoes, comfortable pants, sweats or shorts (no jeans).

  • No loose jewelry, and hair out of face.
  • No short shorts or short skirts without tights on. Absolutely no flip flops.
  • No crop-tops without a leotard underneath

Q: What is the safety plan?

 A: Background checks are conducted on any faculty members working directly with children and all backstage and dressing areas are supervised by at least two adults at all times.  During performances, students are supervised in one designated and self-contained area for the duration of the show. Please ensure that TMP faculty has your most current contact information in case of emergency.

Q: The parking lot at Terpsichorean is often busy. Is there an alternative to where I can drop off and pick up my child?

 A: Due to the number of cars coming in and out of the Terpsichorean parking lot, we recommend using Milwaukee Ave. This is the street that faces the back of the dance studio. There is plenty of street parking and a walkway that goes directly to the front doors of Terpsichorean. You are able to see the kids walk to the front door from the back at drop off. We will have workshop staff at both the front door and the back of the building to ensure your child is attended until you arrive at pick up. Please be clear with your child whether you will be at the front parking lot or back street for pick up so we can be prepared with kids ready to go.

Frequently Used Terms

Sitzprobe is where the conductor, the singers, and the orchestra gather for the first time to sing through the musical numbers in the show without staging, props, costumes, or make-up. It typically kicks off Tech week.

Tech week is where the cast rehearses with all of the people who will run lights, sound, mics, curtains, costumes, etc.

Call time is the time the cast is called to the theater to warm up and get into costumes and makeup.

Show time is the time the show begins.

Called mean called to rehearsal or to the theater.

Dark means the days after the show has opening on which there are no performances.