Educating Central Oregon storytellers of all ages in the art of stagecraft.

Our highly anticipated 2017 Summer Intensive of Roald Dahl’s “Willy Wonka” began July 10th, 2017. The program is Monday – Thursday 12:30 to 4:30. The intensive will culminate with 6 shows running August 18th – 27th. Please note, performances will alternate between our two Oompa and Loompa casts of student artists. The Oompa Cast will perform Friday evening (8/18) and Sunday matinee (8/20) during the first weekend, while performing for the Saturday matinee (8/26) on the second weekend. The Loompa Cast will perform the Saturday matinee (8/19) during the first weekend, while performing for the Friday evening (8/25) and Sunday matinee (8/27) performances on the second weekend. Thoroughly Modern Productions is proud to announce the student principle and supporting roles for our double cast production of “Willy Wonka!”

Oompa Cast
Charlie – Gavin Felciano
Veruca Salt – Kaitlyn Couch
Violet Beaureguard – Makenna Kirkpatrick
Mike Tevee – Casey James
Augustus Gloop – Harrison Hobin
Matilda – Abby Busch
James – Reed Wuepper

Loompa Cast
Charlie – Lee Miller
Veruca Salt – Annika Nissen
Violet Beaureguard – Miya Corpstein
Mike Tevee – Craig Chisholm
Augustus Gloop – Wil Anderton
Matilda – Allie Harrison
James – Reed Wuepper


8/16 – Wednesday Parent Preview
8/18 – Friday Evening Performance
8/20 – Sunday Matinee
8/26 – Saturday Matinee

Amy Alexander
Emma Beck
Finley Bolton
Maddie Burge
Abby Busch
Jennah Campbell
Kaitlyn Couch
Lucy Cox
Payton Dalrymple
Leila Faivre
Gavin Felicano
Sophia Guerrero
Harrison Hobin
Nora Jackson
Casey James
Katey James
Tucker James
Skylar Janes
Eliana Kirkpatrick
Makenna Kirkpatrick
Olivia Lash
Azure Newbauer
Makena Parel
Delaney Ross
Hazel Seasholtz
Reed Wuepper
Taylor Wuepper


8/17 – Thursday Parent Preview
8/19 – Saturday Matinee
8/25 – Friday Evening Performance
8/27 – Sunday Matinee

Julia Alvarado
Wil Anderton
Evi Brown
Cora Carroll
Craig Chisholm
Miya Corpstein
Millie DaCosta
Alex Dennis
Mia Duilio
Vivienne Duilio
Molly Fleck
Selah Gabbert
Abigayle Hamer
Chloe Harris
Allie Harrison
Bianca Hernandez
Caroline Hicks
Chelsea Lee
Aubrey Luse
Ella Luse
Adeline Mitchell
Mara Newcomer
Annika Nissan
Delilah Richards
Riley Smith
Brooklyn West

Thoroughly Modern Productions is proud and excited to publicly announce the details of our 2018 TMP Performance Academy.

The Academy will run along the school year to offer students a cohesive and focused opportunity to polish their art. This opportunity will culminate in a recital of popular musical theatre works and will include acting, dance, and vocal performances.

Monthly cost is $220 which includes extensive training in private and group vocal technique, dance technique, and character building and acting techniques. Dance classes will be held on Fridays at Terpsichorean Dance Studio from 3:30-6:00. Students (parents) may choose between Wednesdays from 1:30-4:00 or Thursdays from 6:00-8:30 for the Acting/Vocal classes.

Please email Artistic Director, David DaCosta, at or call (541) 678-0313 for more information.

David DaCosta │ 63595 Boyd Acres Rd. Bend, OR 97701 │ │ 541-678-0313

David DaCosta 541-678-0313
63595 Boyd Acres Rd. Bend, OR 97701